I do. I’ve had many dreams and some of them have come crashing down around my head. Some of them have given me tremendous opportunities in the people that I get to meet and share and be a part of. I love being an entrepreneur but it hasn’t been an easy road. I’ve actually lost, sometimes it feels like, more than I have gained, but I just want to let you know I continued the search. I really felt like that there was education out there that I could learn and I went to so many seminars. I went to some of the top money gurus. I went to the real estate seminars, and I was sure this was gonna be my outlet. But even in the meantime, I continued to stay the course. I stayed the course with what I knew in my industry, but there was a nagging feeling inside that there had to be something else out there. There had to be something else out there that someone wasn’t telling me or I didn’t know.

Sure enough, I went to a seminar a few years ago. We were sitting in the very front row and at first, I heard this gentleman talking. It’s not who we really went to see, but he began to speak about this concept, and I thought, there is no way this can be real. That this actually can work, because I know. I’m in that industry. I should know, but then in the next 10 minutes I had tears in my eyes, and I knew that I was supposed to be sitting in that chair. I knew that this was a tool or a concept that I needed to learn and to incorporate into my life. And then in the next few minutes, I was also a little bit disgruntled thinking, why did they not teach me this in the financial industry? Why did they not teach this concept? I’m just here to tell you there is a way for you to hear about this concept today and not waste one more day or one more minute. Tim and I would love to share this concept with you via phone, a Zoom or face-to-face. We’d love to get together with you, so give us a call.

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