How Compounding Interest Can Work For You

Next thing I want to show you is how compound interest works. It’s interesting, we’ve had several people who’ve never even heard of compound interest. Compound interest is powerful.  They […]

The Velocity Of Money Concept

Have you ever heard of the velocity of money? Let’s compare it to compounding interest. If you remember, we said that compounding interest needs to be uninterrupted and continuous to work […]

A Wells Fargo Story And How Banks Really Work

The next concept you need to understand is, how do banks work? How do they use money? They use money differently than you do because they work on a different playing field. […]

Jesus The Banker And The Parable Of Talents

The velocity of money and compounding are commonly understood principles. They even go all the way back to biblical times. Jewish traditions on money are very solid and they’ve been around for […]

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