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What is a Concept....

What is a Concept….

“Con-cept…A plan or intention, and idea.”
Explaining a Concept has been a challenge, but actually it’s pretty simple…A general idea or understanding of something. So when I first heard of Infinite Banking Concepts I was puzzled, you see I have been in the Insurance industry for 17 years. Yes I know how Products work my training has been extensive, but I had no idea about this Concept! I have to admit my first emotional reaction when I first heard was “It must not be legal”, then I sat thru 1 hour…and the light bulb went off!! My next thought or emotion was “I’m a bit angry, why was I not trained on this?” Why had no one in the industry ever shared this concept? Was it a well keep secret? As I am finding out more from my involvement and training on the Infinite Banking Concept I am realizing that the majority have not been made aware of its existence? Or how it truly works.

Now that my eyes have been opened it is time to take this idea and use it! Sharing it with everyone! We at Private Banking Concepts are sharing the “idea” and “concept” with people that are ready to hear a different strategy for their money! We teach you how to create your own bankā€¦

We travel the country sharing with passion that there is another way of Thinking and using your own bank, recapturing every dollar! Our Events are listed, if you are in one of the area’s where a training is taking place please register! We would love to meet you! If there is not an event in your area, send us a Message and we will create one for you! Not only will it change your lives but your families lives, and your generations to come! Be that change!